Referee Contacts

Referees are assigned only by the Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society when league and conference commissioners submit their schedules, or when requested for an exhibition match.

Thus, referees should never be solicited directly, and only contacted once assigned by the WRRS.

Name Title/Club Phone
Casetta, Brad Board President/Referee 920-238-2806
Prochniak, Alec Board At Large/Referee 920-655-8756
Blakeman, John Board Development//Educator/Coach/Referee 715-346-4111
Midthun, Steve Board Past President/Coach of Match Officials 414-803-4025
Highfield, James Board Secretary/Referee 715-383-2256
Grove, Chris Coach of Match Officials 414-559-5245
Prochniak, Todd Coach of Match Officials 920-621-2591
Sivyer, Steve Coach of Match Officials 262-366-1882
Swank, Mike Coach of Match Officials 414-339-5119
Godfrey, Terry Coach of Match Officials/Referee 608-212-8055
Harings, Jim Disciplinarian/Referee 414-759-9033
Atkinson, William Referee 920-691-2513
Bittner, Matt Referee 920-293-4462
Brendler, Ben Referee 608-669-8999
Chanen, Dan Referee 414-391-4537
Christianson, Amanda Referee 715-650-0306
DuFrane, Marcus Referee 920-979-4988
Edwards, Rhys Referee 906-370-2725
Faber, Gregory Referee 216-280-7944
Fargen, Terry Referee 608-279-9946
Gerosimo, Xane Referee 715 232 1455
Geurts, Ben Referee 920-737-1632
Golembiewski, Brandon Referee 262-352-4843
Good, Mike Referee 920 573 7488
Heaton, John Referee 920-285-4848
Hendrick, Dave Board At Large/Referee (715) 587-4541
Hieptas-Wilson, Craig Referee 816-809-6223
Holstine, Ben Referee
Holzer, Phil Referee 608-306-3109
Jaeger, Justin Referee 218-340-0964
Kempen, Jeffrey Referee 414-418-0886
Kenth, Chris Referee 262-308-5368
Kilpatrick, Dane Referee
Kloiber, John Paul T Referee 414.477.5114
Lucas, Luis Referee 305-766-1147
Lynn-Miller, Ace Referee 608-628-0046
Marvin, Steve Referee 920-428-7797
Mootz, Patrick Referee
Nehring, Craig Referee 715-250-2588
Nys, Chad Referee
Robinson, Chris Referee 920-904-2717
Sibilsky, Ted Referee 262-444-1534
Sivyer, Issac Referee 262-336-0850
Skillen, Natalie Referee 612-720-5939
Thomas, Grant Referee 301-706-5657
Traber, Will Referee 262-914-5465
Wade, Ty Referee
Waliszewski, John Referee 262-501-2780
Warnacut, David Referee 414-343-9760
Watters, Dan Referee 414-617-4163
White, Chawn Referee (CARFU) 773-405-6791
Whiteaker, Caelee Referee 262-349-6698
Wightman, Chris Referee 920-680-7729
Williams, Trevor Referee 262-352-2601
Wilsey-Montejo, Sabina Referee 608-212-9932
Wilsey, Sabina Referee 608-212-9932
Winkler, Jacob Board Assignments Officer/Referee 920-342-7675
Winkler, Phil Referee 920-342-8192
Kurth, Christopher Referee 414-202-5098
Sevcik, Andrew Referee
Goetz, Erik Referee/Educator/Coach 608-957-2119
Thompson, Jed Referee
Drobot, Steve Referee 414-640-2047
Johnson, Henry Referee 608-334-5048
Esealuka, Tony Referee 608-395-1299
Ohm, Joe Treasurer 414-350-0645