Match Report, 10/20/2018

UW-Platteville  19  -  27  UW-Milwaukee

Competition: Coll. Men
Division: Division 2
Venue: Gun Club, Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI
Home Team: UW-Milwaukee - 27 points (5T, 1C, 0P)
Away Team: UW-Platteville - 19 points (3T, 2C, 0P)
Half-time score: 17 — 7
Cards Issued?: No
Referee's Remarks: Great match and a lot of fun to ref. Very competitive game with both teams playing strong defense. Platteville had the advantage with possession of time but UWM was able to limit their scoring. UWM was able to touch the ball down in the try zone couple more times then Platteville. Very even and well played match by both clubs. Pleasure to be apart of.

Match Officials

Referee Name:Steve Drobot (mileage: 50)
Referee Society: Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society
Headset Usage:

Yellow and Red Cards

No Cards Issued.