Match Report, 10/20/2018

UW-Eau Claire  30  -  26  UW-Lacrosse

Competition: Coll. Women
Division: Division 2
Venue: UWL Pitch
Home Team: UW-Lacrosse - 26 points (4T, 3C, 0P)
Away Team: UW-Eau Claire - 30 points (6T, 0C, 0P)
Half-time score: 7 — 15
Cards Issued?: No
Referee's Remarks: UWL played with 14 the entire match. It was good to have a trainer there because many minutes were given and players were evaluated. There were many penalties given for tacklers not rolling away. Both teams had very good and aggressive scrum halfs. They were always looking to get ball out quickly from the rucks. Too often the tackler was laying around the tackle and impeding the scrum halfs from getting clean ball. Overall it was a good match and a fun match to ref.

Match Officials

Referee Name:Ted Sibilsky (mileage: 207)
Referee Society: Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society
Headset Usage:

Yellow and Red Cards

No Cards Issued.