Match Report, 10/20/2018

Other  22  -  31  UW-Madison

Competition: Coll. Women
Division: Division 1
Venue: University Bay Fields, Madison, WI
Home Team: UW-Madison - 31 points (5T, 3C, 0P)
Away Team: University of Iowa-Women - 22 points (4T, 1C, 0P)
Half-time score: 12 — 5
Cards Issued?: No
Referee's Remarks: Weather was a bit unpleasant with some snow at the start covering the pitch. Field lines were still visible and by halftime the snow had melted. Strong efforts on both sides. Felt game was played safely throughout; visiting captain spoke to me at half about high tackles, so had brief discussions with both sides about it given the conditions.

Match Officials

Referee Name:Tony Esealuka (mileage: 15)
Referee Society: Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society
Headset Usage:

Yellow and Red Cards

No Cards Issued.