Match Report, 10/13/2018

UW-Whitewater  33  -  31  UW-Stevens Point

Competition: Coll. Men
Division: Division 3
Venue: UW-Stevens Point Recreational Fields
Home Team: UW-Stevens Point - 31 points (5T, 3C, 0P)
Away Team: UW-Whitewater - 33 points (5T, 4C, 0P)
Half-time score: 5 — 12
Cards Issued?: No
Referee's Remarks: The match was a classic a pack side team, UW-Whitewater, versus a back side team, UW-Stevens Point.
The first half was a tight match of defensive stands and counter-attack rucks.
The second half the ball was moved more according to each teams strength. UWSP utilized their backline to keep it away from the UWWW pack players. UWWW pack play kept the ball inside to maintain possession and drive sure and steady down the field.
The match was a close contest that went back a further in the second half.
Both sides played with great skill and integrity.

Match Officials

Referee Name:Craig Wilson (mileage: 5)
Referee Society: Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society
Assistant Referee 1: John Blakeman
Assistant Referee 2: Dan Trupp
Headset Usage: No

Yellow and Red Cards

No Cards Issued.