Match Report, 04/27/2018

Oregon  45  -  12  Kenosha

Competition: HS Boys-Bdg
Division: Division 1
Venue: JF Kennedy Park, 4051 5th Ave, 53140
Home Team: Kenosha - 12 points (2T, 1C, 0P)
Away Team: Oregon - 45 points (7T, 5C, 0P)
Half-time score: 12 — 21
Cards Issued?: No
Referee's Remarks: This was my first time reffing a match. Kenosha only had 14 guys, so O/S gave them a player. The first half was good and fairly evenly matched. O/S had 3 tries to Kenosha's 2. I accidentally let the first half go on too long because I thought HS played 35 minute halves. O/S pulled away in the 2nd half and Kenosha's lack of experience showed. Both coaches decided to end the match about 8 mins early due to the long first half and a cold rain storm moving in. Overall, good clean match by both sides.

I am aware of things that I can improve upon as a referee. It took me a while to get used to my positioning as a ref instead of a player. There were some minor calls that I know I missed, but didn't react fast enough and just let them play on. After the match I was told that typically refs are more strict about keeping your feet in a ruck at a high school level.

Match Officials

Referee Name:Kevin Schmidt (mileage: 80)
Referee Society: Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society
Headset Usage:

Yellow and Red Cards

No Cards Issued.