The Wisconsin Rugby Football Union may — at the discretion of the treasurer — reimburse expenses related to activities that support the WRFU mission.

To qualify for reimbursements, the union member must belong to a member organization in good financial standing with the WRFU.

To maximize the approval of a reimbursement request, pre-approval of expenses is STRONGLY recommended.  

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The Wisconsin Rugby Football Union has bi-annual meetings at locations chosen by the membership:

  • The Winter General Meeting is typically held on or about the first weekend in December.
  • The Annual General Meeting is typically held on or about the first weekend of March.

The exact meeting dates and locations are set months in advnace and well publicized in the events area of this web site and on social media and the mailing list. Attendance by all clubs is mandatory.

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The Wisconsin Rugby Football Union provides development grants to help union members offset unforeseen and non-reoccuring expenses incurred in the current year. The intention of the development grants is to help a club or an individual promote the sport of rugby throughout Wisconsin.

To qualify for the development grant, the union member must be in good financial standing with the WRFU.

The grant applicant must complete the application below for consideration by the WRFU Officers.

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Amended March 7, 2009 (download permanent version)


The name of this organization shall be the Wisconsin Rugby Football Union, Inc., hereinafter referred to as The

Union. It shall operate in the Wisconsin area of the United States of America.

ARTICLE 2: Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Wisconsin Rugby Football Union shall be: to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many people as possible in Rugby activities including the promotion of youth and international amateur athletics. The Wisconsin Rugby Football Union shall operate as a non-profit organization as prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service code Section 501(C3).

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The Wisconsin Rugby Football Union will recognize and adhere to USA Rugby guidelines, and any and all applicable laws and regulations.


1.01. Matches should be played on adequately sized fields as referred to in the USARFU Laws Handbook.

1.02. All teams must use a match card (see the WRFU website for downloadable match cards) for all games. Match cards must be completed by both teams before the game occurs and given to the referee. At the end of

the game, the match card should be sent to the WRFU Treasurer by the referee. Referees will not be reimbursed for their expenses without a match card.

1.03. Any WRFU member team that plays a "rogue" team is subject to a $100 fine for each occurrence. Playing a “rogue team” is subject to disciplinary action. A rogue team is a team not in good standing with WRFU.

1.04. A minimum of 12 players shall constitute a valid team. If a club has less than 12 registered players at a league match, the match is automatically forfeited. If a team borrows a player from any other source the match is also forfeited.

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