Featuring the Badgerland Rugby Conference of Southern Wisconsin & the Northeast Wisconsin Rugby Conference



  1. Nicolet
  2. Marquette
  3. Pulaski
  4. Little Chute
  5. Lafollette
  6. Muskego
  7. Bayport
  8. Fond Du Lac


  1. Whitefish Bay
  2. Elkhorn
  3. Oshkosh
  4. Valley Crusaders
  5. Kenosha
  6. Grafton
  7. Oconto


8:30 AM ** Coaches Meeting - Plate Bracket teams **
9:00 AM Plate Bracket Semi's
Pitch 1 - Muskego 68, Fond Du Lac 0 (D1)
Pitch 2 - Lafollette 37, Bayport 3 (D1)
Pitch 3 - Kenosha def. Appleton forfeit (D2)
Pitch 4 - Grafton 50, Oconto 20 (D2)
10:00 AM ** Coaches Meeting - Cup Bracket teams **
10:30 AM Cup Bracket Semi's
Pitch 1 - Nicolet 58, Pulaski 15 (D1)
Pitch 2 - Marquette 17, Little Chute 7 (D1)
Pitch 3 - Whitefish Bay 70, Oshkosh 0 (D2)
Pitch 4 - Elkhorn 15, Valley Crusaders 14 (D2)
12:00 PM Plate Bracket Consolation
Pitch 1 - Bayport def. Fond Du Lac (D1)
Pitch 2 - Oshkosh def. Valley Crusaders (D2)
Pitch 3 - Madison West vs. Marquette B Exhibition
Pitch 4 - Muskego B vs. Middleton Exhibition
1:30 PM Cup Bracket Consolation
Pitch 1 - UW-Milwaukee vs. UW-Madison 7s Exhibition
Pitch 2 - Pulaski def. Little Chute (D1)
Pitch 3 - Oshkosh def. Valley Crusaders (D2)
Pitch 4 - Lafollette/Elkhorn B vs. Tournament Exiles Exhibition
3:00 PM D-2 State Championship & Plate Bracket Finals
Pitch 1 - Whitefish Bay 62, Elkhorn 17 (D2)
Pitch 2 - Lafollette 43, Muskego 27 (D1)
Pitch 3 - Kenosha 17, Grafton 5 (D2)
Pitch 4 - Exhibition
4:30 PM D-1 State Championship
Pitch 1 - Nicolet 25, Marquette 17 (D1)

Match length

The Cup Bracket matches play 35 minute halves, the Plate Bracket matches play 30 minutes halves and the exhibition matches play 20 minute halves.

Tournament overtime procedure:

Matches that are tied at full-time will restart with a coin toss and up to two (2) ten minute "sudden death" halves with 15 a side. If the score remains tied after the two "overtime" halves, there is a penalty goal series of five (5) kicks from the 22 m line, with five different players (similar to soccer penalty kicks). If tied after five kicks at goal, the five selected kickers can "re-cycle" again or be "substituted" until a singular advantage occurs and a winner is determined.

If an overtime match extends beyond the start time of a subsequent round, the tournament will "suspend" until the match is finished and the remaining tournament schedule will be adjusted to allow for equal rest time for all participants.


Saturday, May 19th


The Wisconsin Rugby Club's brand new Rugby Complex is located in Cottage Grove, WI (click for directions).

Cottage Grove

Click here to see a map of the complex and also please note that tryzones will be shortened to 12 meter depth. Each team will have a 29ft x 49ft section to setup camp.

Click here to see the rules and regulations for the complex. The Wisconsin RFC asks that all teams park either in the paved parking lot on Vilas Rd. or the unpaved Clark St. overflow parking lot. If you do park in the Clark St. parking lot, do NOT walk across Field 1 to get to the sidelines, but rather follow the south perimeter and wall around the field. Thanks!

There is a $5.00 admission for spectator adults, $3.00 for students. Coaches, players, and refs get in free.