About the Wisconsin Rugby Football Union

The Wisconsin Rugby Football Union (WRFU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to encourage and facilitate the participation in and promotion of the sport of rugby union football (specifically) and more generally in international amateur athletics. 

As such, the WRFU membership is comprised of athletes, administrators, referees, and coaches of all ages and both genders from across the great state of Wisconsin and parts of the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Governing Bodies

The WRFU is a local-area rugby union. We receive and respect administrative and on-field guidance from the following governing bodies:

Associated Organizations

To carry out its mandate, the WRFU maintains close associations with all local rugby clubs, teams and conferences, and with the following, independent referee societies:

Legal Status

The WRFU provides organizational and promotional support for rugby in and around the state of Wisconsin.

However, the WRFU does not sanction participation nor insure participants against injury. Sanctioning and liability is handled entirely by the National governing body (see above) for both players and venue owners.

Further, the WRFU does not recruit nor register players, coaches, or other participants. This occurs on a club/team basis who are independent legal entities with their own internal processes for risk assessment and liability management.


  • Victor Drover (2011-present) - Milwaukee Barbarians/Harlequins
  • Stas Garbasz (2007-2010) - Milwaukee RFC
  • Tom Schmidt (2003-2006) - Milwaukee Barbarians/Harlequins
  • Chris Grove (1998-2002) - Milwaukee RFC
  • John Grunlund (1993-1997) - Oshkosh RFC 
  • Bill Katzfey - Milwaukee Black and Blue RFC
  • Stu Pippel - Wisconsin RC
  • Bill Podewils - Milwaukee RFC