About WI Referees

The Wisconsin Rugby Referee Society (WRRS) is an independent body whose purpose is to train, instruct, develop, and assign referees.

New referees are always welcome and while there is a worldwide shortage of referees in all sports, the shortage is especially acute in rugby. The Referee Society is especially interested in former and current players, but persons with an interest in rugby are welcome also. 

Laws of the game

The IRB Laws & Regulations page is the best source for the official Law and Law Rulings.

Obtaining a referee for your match

Referees are assigned by the WRRS when league and conference commissioners submit their schedules, or when requested for an exhibition match. Thus, referees should never be solicited directly.

For all assignments, please contact:

Brad Casetta

(920) 923-6759 (m)

Identifying and confirming your referee

Once you have been assigned a referee, please locate their phone # on the referee contact page. Call the referee and confirm the match time and location at least 3 days before your match.